I am now renting a space at 1418 Ritchey Avenue, Santa Ana which has high ceilings, roll up doors, waiting room, bathrooms, and parking!!! It is basically a big open area that we can do tons of stuff with. I’ll take some photos when I’m in there to share with you, but the location is pretty good, right off Edinger and the 55.

I am sharing this space with two other artists who are successful painters; they have the place to themselves on Monday and Tuesday, and select weeks a several times a year.

I’m trying to make sure I cover the cost of my rent (I’m crazy for even trying this again) so I’d like to get about $45/hour with 2 hours minimum, a discount on day rates. I’ll be booking typically on weekends 9-6 pm, and evenings 6-10 pm Wed-Friday based on your interest and my own projects or customers.

If you are interested in having an “assisted shoot” with your models, clients or projects using your gear and my lighting (or yours), backgrounds, stands, etc. I’ll help you with lighting setup, camera setup, instructions or just being your second hand.

Good for:
Artistic nude shoots
Model portfolio
Product shoots
Video Production, green screen

Not good for: circus animals or mad parties.

Let me know if you are interested; starting next Wednesday 2/20.