Refrigerator repair scams: Smith Brothers

If you searched Google for “refrigerator repair” you’ll come up with which says Smith Brothers; there are several other sites with that company name too.

Called them in May to get my ailing fridge repaired and this guy comes out.   He claims that my fridge needs a part no longer made, but there is an expensive replacement part called a “hard start kit” which with labor would cost $400 (just below the tipping point of buying a new refrigerator).   I was trying to work at home and keep my food from spoiling so I reluctantly said OK.   The guy made me sign the service order, then went to the truck and came back with  a little part and a screwdriver and some cutters.   He went to the back, clipped some wires, and in minutes wired in the new part.   All in all maybe 10 minutes….probably less.  He handed me the original part, with the wires dangling.

The fridge worked again, great, he got paid and then left.   I was suspicious, but again was trying to work.

Came home from work later and pulled the fridge out, took a photo of the hard start part; looked the part up on Amazon and sure enough they sell them with free shipping for $10-12!

Just know that Smith Brothers is there to scam you, charge you whatever they think you will pay (the tipping point on replacement if they can get it.)

When I called the next morning and complained, they offered me a $100 “discount” immediately; so my bill would have been $300 for 10 mins of work and $12 in parts.   I said no, and told my credit card company I was disputing the charge.

Two months later they came back and said because I signed the order I had to pay…


Plenty of complaints from others:  Yelp  and Trustlink  (the positive reviews from Trustlink seem fake to me; one is from some guy in Texas….or the Smith Brothers is a much larger company with a much larger reach…