Orange County Fair 2011

Hypnotic Carrots rule the earth.

Crazy vomitous rides

Dropping a few stories real fast…fun!

Gotta have a creep show…like the Carnies aren’t creepy enough? Just kidding; nobody scary here…

Scored a big price. Makes me jealous.


Look at this little girls’ face…

Look at all this stuff; wide shot that will look awesome at night…

The red haired lady looks a bit mad…at me….specifically….

You want to be a kid watching these things…something forbidden when you are over 115 pounds…

Young singers singing…

Another wide shot, lots going on ..

I am on a no red meat diet. That giant burger and the smells make me want to attack.

Guessing this girl is very tired. And hot with the jacket on?

Not sure what this fellow does, but somehow I am thinking he’s selling something.

Another bubble shot…


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