MAC Honor System

Ok, I’ve become a Mac User over the past few years. I’ve learned the interface, how to deal with different keys and shortcuts and certain buggy things my system does just like a Windows machine does eventually. They are both pretty darn good, and eventually become crappy and you install a newer, fresher, and more advanced OS. Since I wanted to install a second toolbar on my second display (your menu is on the left monitor when your app is on the right with dual displays), I found the cool free software needed but it required an update to Snow Leopard 10.6 to work. Ordered on line for $26, a DVD is shipped next day, free shipping. What is unusual is that these DVD’s don’t have keys or serial numbers. Apple uses the honor system so you don’t have to input the 24 character key in for every machine you need to update. If Microsoft did the same thing, wouldn’t that be dandy?