Who is ViNSaNiTY? The only real deal, bonafide ViNSaNiTY right here…

ViNSaNiTY is my “brand” for avant-garde styled photography; beyond portrait, just what makes me happy to capture and manipulate.   I’m Vin Weathermon, a photographer in Orange County, CA  (Irvine) and am passionate about this art form.   I look forward to hearing input from fans on this “other side” of my photography, representing my inner bohemian true self.

More about me can be found on my portraiture sites http://www.hdportrait.com , http://www.onemodelplace.com/photoshack and http://www.irvineportrait.com.   I’m also on DeviantArt.

When you search for ViNSaNiTY, you wind up with Vince Carter ranking pretty high…but really how on earth does he rate?  How insane is basketball anyway???